Is Free Hosting Reliable?

Many new marketers choose free hosting when they first set up a

website or blog. Obviously, the no cost aspect is appealing and it

does allow you to get content online fast. The question that remains

is, is free hosting reliable enough or should you go with a paid

hosting option?

A free hosting account will allow you to set up your webpage quickly

so that you can start sharing content with your family and friends.

However, if you are running a business bear in mind that a free

hosting service will often place advertisements on your site. These

ads cannot be removed and can make your site look less


Hosting reliability should be a key concern when choosing any type

of hosting account. You want to be certain that your website is

always up and running. Of course even the best hosting companies

can have downtime. But you want to use a hosting provider which

offers the least amount of downtime as possible.

Free hosting can suddenly disappear for hours or even days on end!

Is this something that you are prepared for? Plus, if you haven’t

backed up your content you can lose everything. This could be

valuable photos of family memories or important business


All hosting providers will have certain terms and conditions that you

must adhere too. With a free host you are not contributing to them

monthly income. So if you unmistakably do something outside of

their terms they can easily shut your site down.

One good use of free hosting is for running an experiment or test. If

you want to experiment with a certain feature or product you can

this at no cost. Once you have compiled your results you can decide

whether or not you want to go with a paid hosting service.

Mind you free doesn’t not always mean inferior. You can get free

hosting with sites like WordPress and blogger. These hosting

companies offer great looking websites with thousands of themes

available for users. But even these have ads on them. Plus, it is quite

common for people to suddenly lose their blog overnight for no

apparent reason.

If you truly want peace of mind over your website and want to wake

up each day knowing that your site is there, then a paid hosting

service is your answer. For any information that you want hosted on

the web on a temporary basis then by all means use free hosting for

as long as necessary.