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Owning a website is one thing and finding reliable and secure hosting for your site is another thing.

IONOS offers scalable and secure hosting solutions for all types of websites.

This review will give you a detailed idea about what you need to know before signing up with IONOS.

IONOS OVERVIEW IONOS (formerly known as 1&1) is a website hosting provider that was founded in

1988 in Germany. This makes it one of the oldest companies of its kind.

Currently, IONOS is one of the most popular providers of cloud services, web hosting, and cloud infrastructure.

The web host is the power behind over eight million domains spread across the world.

One thing that sets IONOS apart from its peers is that it offers excellent features at no extra cost.

For instance, you can easily get a classic website at a relatively affordable price.

Other goodies from IONON include but are not limited to fully-fledged server hosting, IaaS solutions, and marketing tools.

IONOS hosting has individuals, freelancers, consumers, small businesses, and customers who need complex IT solutions.


IONOS provides two hosting solutions: Linux-based hosting and Windows-based hosting.

As per their website, Linux hosting is the other name for web hosting.

Each of these solutions gives users three hosting plans to choose from.

While both are fairly priced, Windows hosting offers more benefits when compared to Linux hosting.

Let’s take a look at what each of them has to offer.

  • Linux hosting. This category has three hosting plans namely: the Essential plan, Business plan, and Expert plan.
  • The three plans cost $4, $1, and $8 per month but they renew at $6, $10, and $16 per month, respectively.
  • Windows hosting consists of the Business Plan, Pro Plan, and Expert Plan. The plans cost $5, $6, and $8 per month but they renew at $10, $12, $16 per month in that order.

Another thing we like about IONOS is that besides credit cards, they accept PayPal payments, too.


All plans from IONOS come with SSL certificates, lots of storage space, unlimited traffic, many email accounts, and a free domain except in VPS hosting.

Also, IONOS features a cPanel that is a little complex, but as usual, it becomes easier with time.



  • Professional customer support
  • Free SSL, domain and email accounts
  • Easy-to-use cPanel
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Superb loading speeds


  • Doesn’t allow signups from some countries
  • No free site transfers
  • High renewal rates
  • Missing cPanel Feature

FINAL VERDICT To be fair, IONOS is a good hosting provider, especially if you are looking to set foot in the marketing world.

The web host offers a whole lot of features including lots of storage, unmetered bandwidth, email marketing, domains, and all that.

However, this may not be a good option for total beginners.